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I've never heard of, who are you? (Back)

Great Question! We got started in 1999, and are located just north of Seattle. Our mailing address is in the town of Mukilteo Washington. We are a small business and we consider each and every customer crucial to our success and hand pick every product we carry. Most large retailers cannot truthfully say this. We also pride ourselves on our accurate and fast order turn around. We have a sophisticated inventory and shipping system in place, and we stock all of our toys in a temperature controlled, secure environment.

If you need to contact us, here is our contact information (Please note that this is our mailing, but not our store address. You are already at our store.) / Rainy City Trading Co.
11700 Mukilteo Speedway #201-1122
Mukilteo, Washington 98275

Is your site safe, secure, virus free? (Back)

Another great question and one we have taken great measures to ensure our answer is "YES"! All private data is passed through a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption as it passes from your computer to ours. Once it is on our computer, it is encrypted. Once we process your order, we delete your credit card information permanently.

The best layer of security we can offer you is that we don't store your information in our database any longer than we need to in order to process your order. Once that's done, your payment information is gone as well.

Also, our office is really clean and tidy.

Why should I shop with you guys? (Back)

Well, thanks for asking! I know you have choices, and the question often crosses a shoppers mind, "why should I choose a small business over a huge corporate giant"? Here are some of the reason to choose us:

  1. We are going to stand behind the toys we sell; That is, we hand pick our products and if you call us, we'll actually talk with you about them. Big business just doesn't offer this level of service, we truly care.
  2. We are going to make sure you get them when you need them; We ship daily, and are not robots, but real people personally handling every order with pride.
  3. We are going to do our best to make sure everything about your online experience with us is "A Number 1"! Give me a call. My name is Scott and I can be reached at 208-939-3762. Let me know if something about your experience is less than perfect, or let me know how perfect it was.
  4. We are parents. We understand how special children are. We take the same pride in selecting the toys we sell as we do in picking the toys our children play with. If we wouldn't want our children playing with it, we won't sell it.
  5. We own the business and we depend on its success. This means, we have a vested interest in making sure our customers are satisfied. No Wall Street funny money here, we earn our keep and want you to come back again. Our livelihoods depend upon it and we care about our reputation.
  6. If you have a question, we will help you with it. We know the toys we carry and we know the manufacturers who make them. We handle all of our toys first hand and if you have a question about a particular toy, ask us, we'll grab one off the shelf and discuss it with you.
  7. Finally, checkout some of the feedback in the scrolling side bar on the right side of our website. This is just a small sampling from the thousands of customers we've pleased since we began our online business in 1999.